Make your Talent a Profession

Domenico Gaudino, IAN Master Class professor an icon of Body Arts in Italy is the creator of the Stylish Body Drawing which inspires thousand of funs and students to pursue their art and never be afraid of showing what they are!

The latest star in the firmament of IAN's top ranked professors of 2021!

Domenico Gaudino, Italian fashion influencer and Professor and Designer of Body Arts Programs at IAN Academy was awarded the title of Italian Top Master Body Creator at a young age of 27, gaining international success. He has established himself with his peculiar style in the world of body art and has created his own line of products called ANIMA, which today is on the market together with the other giant brands. Domenico was born in Naples, he studied Graphic Arts. His passion for the world of fashion urged him to improve himself increasingly and progressive. He is not only a great example of talent and professionalism, but for us at IAN, he is the emblem that those who truly believe in themselves, can definitely reach the top and achieve their goals. We are grateful to him for the magnificent Body Arts Course that he designed for IAN’s students so that his own Soul becomes an opportunity for those who want to do the work of their passion!

“I’m convinced that art is a medicine for the soul… expressing one’s personality through professionalism can lead to apotheosis of success. Today I have thousand of followers who support my artistic projects and as a professor I always advise my students not to be afraid to represent what really you feel inside, for this reason I called my body art’s products line “Anima” which in Latin means soul”