Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)


Course Duration - 3 Years

The Bachelor in “Business Administration” serves the needs of those who are looking for a career in the managerial sector, or of those who wish to continue their higher studies in business administration. 

The graduate in business administration is going to be a valuable assert to any large or small organisation. 

Being a program with challenging curricula and contents, it is appropriate for those who have excellent academic record and high potential for success. 


Year 1 – Insights of Corporate Portfolio Specialist for BA – Certificate Program EQF 4

Follow "Corporate" Customers with updated offers of products and services

Activities carried out to achieve the commercial and economic objectives relating to the corporate segment and the assigned portfolio; commercial initiatives launched towards corporate customers; consultancy support to client company representatives on financing / investment decisions; development activities carried out to acquire corporate customers; management and loyalty of corporate customers through relationship activities, pricing adjustment and increase in cross selling.

Oversee the complex of activities related to the "Corporate" customers in the portfolio

Periodic control of the indicators relating to the “corporate” portfolio, with particular reference to aspects relating to credit risk; planning of contact activities with customers, commercial actions and monitoring of results; activities carried out to contribute to the achievement of the branch objectives.

Manage the process of granting, reviewing and renewing credit lines to "Corporate" customers

Evaluation of the required factors and the necessary documentation for the provision; management of the technical investigation and drafting of the credit lines of its customers; control of the risk profile of assigned corporate customers, in order to formulate a balanced proposal amongst prices, risk and volumes.

Supervise the credit quality of individual positions and of the "Corporate" customer portfolio

Monitoring of the credit quality of the individual positions and of the overall “corporate” portfolio; identification of any anomalies in relationships and proposal of actions to regularize positions and / or recover problem loans in compliance with current legislation; formulation of lending strategies and solutions shared with the customer.

Contractual operations and documentary management oversight

Management of administrative and contractual duties originating from the sale of products and services; monitoring of the obligations related to the documentation management needs.

Year 2 – Insights of CRM management for BA – Diploma Program EQF 5

Assistance and support to the user of the CRM system

Identification of the most appropriate assistance intervention for the request received; execution of requests and resolution of problems raised by the user.

Support for maintenance / updating of the CRM system

Identification of software malfunctions; identification of the type of intervention appropriate to the detected anomaly. 

Management of relations with customers and suppliers through CRM

Satisfaction monitoring; correct and effective use of CRM tools for after-sales. 

Support for marketing and sales activities through CRM

Use of CRM marketing automation tools; use of CRM sales force automation tools; data analysis and processing to support marketing and sales activities.

Year 3 – Business Management Expert – European Bachelor Program EQF 6

Management of the purchase of goods / services

Analysis of the procurement management system; verification of the need for goods / services; research and analysis of sources of supply; negotiation of supply conditions.

Production activities management

Analysis of the production program; mapping of the product manufacturing process; monitoring and control of works and orders.

Business management

Market analysis; mapping of the customer target; development of a marketing plan; verification of the plan and commercial strategies.

Integrated resource management

Survey of technical, structural and professional resources; work organization; supervision of administrative accounting processes; supervision of the company budget.



Instructional mode: In presence 
Level: EQF 4 up to 6
Duration: 3 Years
ECTS: 180
-Year 1 Certificate Program EQF 4 (ECTS 60)
-Year 2 Diploma Program EQF 5 (ECTS 60)
-Year 3 European Bachelor Program EQF 6 (ECTS 60)
Certification: European Bachelor


Passport / ID card
Copy of high school diploma or equivalent
IELTS 5.0 minimum score certificate or equivalent 
Statement of purpose
Declaration of value

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