Bachelor in IT, Networks & Security


In the digital age, IT security and data privacy have become a priority for organizations, which must anticipate and put in place structures to protect customers, partners, and users.

The European Bachelor in Computer Science, Networks and Security equips future professionals with solid technical skills, making it possible to repair a failure but above all to analyze the systems upstream in order to set up a secure structure.

These profiles will be able to work in project mode and able to continue to remain on standby and train in anticipation of perpetual technological and digital developments.


  • Acquire knowledge of computer security
  • Know the safety standards
  • Master counter-attack techniques and tools for SE and networks
  • Set up a security plan
  • Identify and correct faults on DBMS
  • Master the management of certificates
  • Master the concepts of cryptology
  • Master sales contracts on e-commerce sites


Holding a European Bachelor’s degree from IAN Academy means benefiting from new opportunities and an international professional network. The European Bachelor’s degree in IT, networks and security prepares future professionals from IAN Academy for the functions of:

  • Computer Technician
  • Computer network security technician
  • System and network administrator


  • European Language I (Up to the level B1 CEFR)
  • European Language II (Up to the level B1 CEFR)
  • Professional expertise total (340-410 h)
  • Concepts and fundamentals of computer security (15 to 25 hours)
  • Operating system security – Linux – Windows – iOS (60 to 70 hours)
  • Network Security (60 to 70 hours)
  • Database Security (60-70 hours)
  • Web Security (60-70 hours)
  • Computer law (35 to 45 hours)