Bachelor in Marketing


Changing consumption patterns, technological innovations and new trends are prompting companies to rethink their marketing and sales development strategy. The rise of online sales also offers new opportunities and requires new skills. It is up to companies to hire a professional who, through his global vision and technical skills, will choose the right method to stimulate or sustain commercial activity. This expert must be able to work with various stakeholders, such as research and marketing studies managers, manufacturers, the sales force, but also advertisers and designers.

Whatever the size of the company, from the very small to the large group via the SME, it is essential to differentiate itself from the competition and gain market share by relying on a professional who will know how to be proactive in an economic environment. constantly evolving to anticipate and meet the expectations of an ever more demanding clientele.


  • Optimize the company’s strategy and contribute to the development of the customer portfolio
  • Develop, deploy and evaluate the results of a strategic and operational marketing plan
  • Master the customer relationship strategy and anticipate trends
  • Set up a sales and loyalty action plan
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of products and services
  • Ensure the administrative and commercial management of sales
  • Manage and monitor the performance of a sales team


Holding a European Bachelor’s degree from IAN Academy means benefiting from new opportunities and an international professional network. The European Bachelor in Marketing prepares future professionals from IAN Academy for the functions of:

  • Marketing and sales manager
  • Customer Marketing Manager
  • Sales manager
  • Marketing consultant
  • Assistant Product Manager(s), Junior Product Manager(s)
  • Assistant Market Manager, Business Developer
  • Product development manager
  • Marketing project manager
  • Responsible for customer
  • Department manager


  • European Language I (Up to the level B1 CEFR)
  • European Language II (Up to the level B1 CEFR)
  • Strategic and operational marketing (150 to 180 h)
  • Strategic Marketing (70 to 80 hours)
  • Operational Marketing (80 to 100 h)
  • Optimizing customer relationship management (20 to 30 hours)
  • Marketing Law (20 to 30 hours)
  • Marketing and Consumer Law (10 to 15 hours)
  • Marketing and Communication Law (10 to 15 hours)
  • B to B Marketing (20 to 30 hours)
  • E-marketing (building an omni-channel marketing strategy) (20 to 30 hours)
  • Brand strategy (brand management) (20 to 30 hours)
  • Service Marketing (50 to 60 hours)