Bachelor in Mobile App Development


The Mobile Application Developer Bachelor’s degree provides access to the roles of mobile application developer through mastery of development techniques using native and hybrid languages, for all types of mobile devices or connected objects, and management skills for this type of project.

Digital is no longer a sector of activity, it is now an integral part of all companies (marketing process, work process, recruitment policy, customer relations, etc.), regardless of their size and their activities, and therefore requires managers capable of managing a project from start to finish.

The rapid explosion in the number of connected objects and the convergence of technologies (from smartphones to the cloud and big data) for applications for personal, professional and public use require the development of mobile applications.

This diploma is the logical continuation of a BTS SIO option Software solutions and business applications.

The Mobile Application Developer is an expert in the mobile world: his mission is to analyze the needs of his customers, design mobile or internet applications, online services, even video games, for mobile media such as smartphones, tablets. or connected objects. He may also be required to design responsive design web applications or “web App”, which are mobile applications developed with web development languages (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, JSP, etc.) and executed from a browser mobile web.


This diploma gives the possibility, thanks to the skills acquired, of:

  • take charge of a Web App Development project, native or hybrid applications
  • manage the different stages of a digital project for connected objects, from the audit to the implementation
  • formalize the modeling, storage and data exchange needs as well as the design of web services and dedicated mobile applications
  • design and carry out mobile projects for: smartphones, tablets, connected watches and new digital devices.
  • program the functionalities that correspond to the needs of a customer for an application mobile, a website suitable for consultation on mobile phone or digital tablet as well as an application specifically developed in native language

The qualities expected in this professional sector are:

  • mastery of different digital technologies
  • rigor and organization to work according to the methodologies of the field
  • written/oral fluency to participate in audits and deduce precise specifications
  • spirit of logic and synthesis, to analyze a customer need, design it or advise it
  • creativity


Holding a European Bachelor’s degree from IAN Academy means benefiting from new opportunities and an international professional network. The European Bachelor in Mobile Application Developer prepares future professionals from IAN Academy for the functions of:

  • Developer of Web App (responsive design) and native applications (Android, IOS…)
  • Developer of mobile web services
  • Active participant for mobile digital transformation projects
  • Designer of mobile e-commerce sites and business impact analyst for the company
  • Analyst in charge of modeling and managing the data of a connected IS
  • Mobile web/connected applications project manager (after a few years of experience)


  • European Language I (Up to the level B1 CEFR)
  • European Language II (Up to the level B1 CEFR)
  • Web Project Management and Agile Methods (15 to 20 hours)
  • HTML CSS front end development (50 to 60 hours)
  • DBMS SQL MERISE and NO SQL (30 to 40 hours)
  • Object Development and UML2 (15 to 25 hours)
  • Back-end development in PHP with APACHE or NGINX (50 to 60 hours)
  • C#, developments with Visual Studio (50 to 60 hours)
  • JAVA development for Android Studio (40 to 50 h)
  • SWIFT IOS development with XCODE (30 to 40 hours)
  • C# and XAMARIN development (30 to 40 hours)
  • Cross Platform JavaScript (30 to 40 hours)
  • Connected objects development (20 to 25 hours)
  • Mobile device and application security (10 to 15 hours)
  • Legal and commercial aspects of a website (10 to 15 hours)