Diploma in Pediatric First Aid

Advanced Training for Emergency Care of Infants and Children

Social and Health Care


Course Duration - Varies (Typically 3-6 Months)


  • Welcome to the presentation on the Diploma in Pediatric First Aid, an advanced training program designed to equip healthcare professionals and individuals working with children with the necessary skills to provide comprehensive and effective first aid in pediatric emergencies.
  • Over the next few minutes, we will explore the key features and benefits of this comprehensive diploma program.

Program Overview:

  • Duration: The Diploma in Pediatric First Aid program duration may vary, but it typically takes 3-6 months to complete.
  • Focus: The program focuses on developing in-depth knowledge and practical skills required to handle a wide range of pediatric emergencies, including critical illnesses, injuries, and life-threatening situations involving infants and children.


Core Topics: The program covers a comprehensive range of core topics, including pediatric assessment and triage, advanced airway management, pediatric resuscitation, management of acute illnesses and injuries, pediatric pharmacology, and emergency care for specific pediatric populations.
Practical Skills: Participants will develop practical skills through hands-on training, simulations, case studies, and clinical scenarios to enhance their ability to handle pediatric emergencies confidently and competently.
Successful completion of the Diploma in Pediatric First Aid program will result in a prestigious diploma certification.
This certification recognizes your advanced expertise in pediatric emergency care and serves as a testament to your commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of infants and children.
Our program is led by experienced instructors who are healthcare professionals specializing in pediatric emergency care.
They bring extensive clinical knowledge and practical experience, providing you with expert guidance, mentoring, and real-life insights throughout the program.
The program emphasizes extensive hands-on training to enhance participants' practical skills and confidence in managing pediatric emergencies.
Advanced techniques such as pediatric advanced life support (PALS), advanced airway management, and emergency medication administration will be taught through immersive simulations and practical exercises.
The Diploma in Pediatric First Aid is specifically designed for healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs), who are involved in providing emergency care to infants and children.
It is also beneficial for individuals working in childcare centers, schools, or other environments where they may encounter pediatric emergencies.
Pediatric first aid skills are crucial for healthcare professionals and individuals working with children, as infants and children have unique physiological and psychological needs during emergencies.
The advanced knowledge and skills acquired through this diploma program enable timely and appropriate interventions, improving outcomes for pediatric patients.


Instructional mode: In presence
Level: MQF 4 
Duration: 3-6 months
Certification: Diploma


Passport / ID card
Copy of high school diploma or equivalent
IELTS 5.0 minimum score certificate or equivalent 
Statement of purpose
Declaration of value

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