Master in IT Expert Cybersecurity


The challenges and possibilities related to cybersecurity and the availability of data and services are multiplying in the context of digitalization within sectors directly related to digital, such as telecoms, e-Commerce, or information technologies, but also within the sectors of industry and services, leisure, education and training, or agriculture and agri-food.

Companies are looking for profiles with solid fundamental and technical skills, autonomous and with expertise in one or more of the IT fields related to this intelligent and secure digitalization.

At a high level of responsibility, these professionals must know how to lead technical teams, master specialized project management techniques, and understand how to meet the specific needs of the company’s stakeholders. Thanks to the pedagogical path of this training and the practice of different projects during the year, an internship or a work-study program of a professional nature, the learner will be competent and autonomous to lead projects in several technological fields.


  • Perform an audit or specification to design, deploy and secure a multiprotocol network infrastructure adapted to the customer’s request
  • Manage a project to install a network infrastructure and manage a team
  • Deliver the product to the customer and ensure maintenance
  • Autonomously administer and secure a server
  • Administer and secure all types of servers and network architecture (Cisco, Netgear),in particular through Scripting (Python, Perl)
  • Master the security of an infrastructure with databases
  • Know the different cyber-attacks and means of defense
  • Understand and master the economic challenges of cybersecurity, IOT and high availability


Holding a European Master’s degree from IAN Academy means benefiting from new opportunities and an international professional network. The European Master’s Degree in IT Expert – Cybersecurity and High Availability prepares future professionals from IAN Academy for the functions of:

  • IT Project Manager
  • Cybersecurity Project Manager
  • Functional Consultant
  • Technical Consultant
  • Network and Cybersecurity Engineer for Multi-Protocol Infrastructures
  • Linux/Windows Systems Engineer, Virtualization, Cisco
  • High Availability Network Architectures Project Manager
  • ScrumMaster in an ITSM project team (fleet management, private cloud implementation, Datacenter move…)


Year 1

  • Project Management Tools and Methods (30 to 40 h)
  • IT Project Management (15h)
  • Corporate IT Culture (15h)
  • Network technologies (40 h)
  • Operating system and virtualization(70 h)
  • Network security (40h)
  • Cisco Advanced Networks(70 h)
  • Cybersecurity (70 h)
  • Project or internship
  • Continuous assessment
  • European Modern Language up to B2 level (written)


  • Project Management Tools and Methods (35 h)
  • IT Project Management (15h)
  • Corporate IT Culture (15h)
  • Advanced network technologies (40 h)
  • DevOps Architectures (40 h)
  • The Internet and the security of connected objects and objects (60 h)
  • Professional thesis
  • Continuous assessment
  • European Modern Language up to B2 level (oral)
  • European Culture and Citizenship