Master in Visual Design


Course Duration - 1 Year

Visual and graphic communication uses visual language and arts to communicate ideas and messages. Through visual organisation of information, professionals in this field create powerful user experiences across industries – from healthcare to politics. Through the use of design elements, such as lettering, color, symbols, and images, visual communication can be used to influence, entertain, inform, and even persuade audiences.
A cross-disciplinary field, visual communication brings together typography, motion design, branding, design strategy, and information design to create mass communication and media products in both digital and printed mediums. Examples include magazines, newspapers, books, catalogs, and websites. A master in visual or graphic communication and design prepares graduates for senior- or director – level careers in multimedia, printing (e.g. lithography, print marketing, color reproduction), creative management, art direction, and more.



Drawing and Advanced Visualisation 

This unit covers drawing and the ability of students to mentally construct, shapen and understand information and the ability to externally communicate it. This course goes beyond the mere representation of particulars in visual terms and it also involves conventional techniques, including photography and drawing. It also reviews students abilities of thinking, conceiving, exploring and putting out their ideas. In this course, students will gain confidence and ability in visual thoughts, expression of ideas and also new strategies towards achieving effective drawing and incorporating visualisation into their drawings. 

Art History 

In this module, the evolution of visual design and art will be looked into and students will be equipped with the adequate knowledge and skills needed to understand the part that art and design have played and still play in our everyday life. You will discover the way and manner in which art generally communicates meaning and value through being examined and handled in both ancient and modern times. Also, images, artefacts and important figures from a wide range of periods and places will be explored. 

Visual Communication and Design

This unit focuses on the use of visual communication and the knowledge of design, the level of understanding and skills needed to communicate and share ideas and information with specific purposes. Students will learn how to use and improve visual communication practices and technologies in order to turn their ideas into reality. These advanced studies will equip students with working methods that prepare them to face new challenges in meaningful and effective ways. 

3D Studio Design

This module gives illustrative view of photo-realistic 3D models and the process of animation, rendering, and visualisation involved in the creation of a 3D Studio Design. It also exposes students to the toolset, software and templates required in professional 3D studio designing. 

2D Studio Design

This course is designed to give an understanding of 2D studio designs and looks into the various types, processes and aspects of two dimensional studio designs. It gives exposures to the aspects of 2D designs such as drawing, painting, photography, design, and computer art.

Software Technologies for Visual Design

Today, there are several software technologies that have become essential parts of the visual designing field. This unit highlights the different types of visual design softwares, the tools and equipments of these software technologies from which it is possible to benefit for better productivity and quality, and involves hands-on training on the best visual design software solutions for students to use. 

Publicity Design 

This unit examines the use of graphics design for commercial purposes. It builds the students knowledge of tools and techniques involved in the designing visual text and imagery concepts by hand or using computer software, to connect brands and potential customers. 

Made in Italy

Since 1980 the "Made in Italy" brand has been used as a signature of Italy's high quality standards and differentiation. This module explores the different meanings that this brand has assumed through time and the role it plays in the globalisation era. 


Instructional mode: In presence
Level: EQF 7
Duration: 1 year
ECTS: 60
Certification: Master


Passport / ID Card
Copy of Bachelor Degree or equivalent
IELTS 5.0 Certificate or equivalent
Statement of purposes 
Declaration of value

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