Our Services

Here at IAN Academy, we are committed to supporting you from
application procedure to throughout the academy experience

Reception & Pickup

Our reception is always happy to receive you, at the times set by our organization.Our Reception Service is available to guide & provide you assistance during these hours 9:00 to 17:00
If you want to receive assistance for a specific matter that may take some time to solve, we suggest you to book your appointment here so you can allow our staff to go through your request and dedicate all the time and care you need.
We provide our students with Pickup service as well. Our pickup service must be booked in advance and paid once received it in Italy.

Sim Card Assistance

To get a simple prepaid SIM card it will be very easy by showing passport.There are numerous mobile phone brands with amazing offers for calling in foreign countries. Request assistance for a SIM card to our care office and you will be provided with all the information about your SIM and costs

To get a contract SIM card in Italy you need to show
Residence Permit with Tax Code. The additional documents accepted together with the Residence Permit with the Fiscal Code are the following: Italian document (identity card or driving license) or passport of the country of origin.

Bank Account Assistance

Main banks with accounts available for non-residents in Italy.

To open the account you need the appropriate form available at the branch. If you want to open it by correspondence, you will need to provide a reference to the bank plus the signature deposited with a notary or lawyer, photocopies of the passport (if any) and the payment form in euros for opening the account.

Bank Accounts for non-residents have the characteristic of allowing only basic operations such as salary credit, payments and withdrawals. For these accounts, the bank’s obligation to transparency does not cease: documentation, therefore, provided in language and containing all detailed information regarding interest rates and bank commission charges (if any).


Members of IAN Academy either students or partners can benefit from our partnered accommodation, across a range of property types; including our Hostel as well as a vast range of Apartments for the long stay.

The selection of our partnered properties took place following the analytical response of the market in terms of price, proximity to our locations and services available.
Our Department of Accommodative Service will be glad to offer its support in case of need, by presenting your enquiry to info@ian-edu.com

Tax Code & Residence Permit

For tax code you will have to go to the counter of an office of the Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) to fill out the application form. Obviously, you will need to bring your residence permit with you, which is the document that justifies your presence in Italy. This is the ordinary procedure that applies in the event that you have already obtained Residence Permit.

The foreign citizen who enters Italy with an entry visa for study reasons must request, within 8 working days of entry, the issue of the residence permit to the Questore of the province of residence or domicile (Article 5, paragraph 2, D . 286 of 25 July 1998, Consolidated Immigration Act and subsequent amendments).

Career Services

To stay up to date on internship and job offers from companies and institutions in Italy and abroad, the IAN Career Service Box is available. Through the Career Service it will be possible to apply for the jobs and internship, <br>check daily offers posted by the many Italian employers

Thanks to the Career Service you can:

-Find internship / job offers in an easier and faster way.
Apply for external internship / job opportunities.
Consult employer profiles for more information.
-Book your seat for Career Services events.
-Receive useful advice by accessing reserved resources.
-Request an appointment with the Academy’s Career Advisors.

Student Services Inquiry Form

If you need to inquire about any of our services, just write to us & we will get back to youvery soon!