Assistance with Tax Code & Residence Permit


For tax code you will have to go to the counter of an office of the Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) to fill out the application form. Obviously, you will need to bring your residence permit with you, which is the document that justifies your presence in Italy. This is the ordinary procedure that applies in the event that you have already obtained Residence Permit.

The situation is completely different if your residence permit is yet to be issued and if you have applied for a visa or a residence permit, but you have not yet received an answer. In such cases, the request for a tax code can be addressed to a different office. We refer to the Police headquarters (Questura di Napoli), which is the same institution with which you presented or are about to present the application for a residence permit. It will therefore be the police headquarters that will transfer all useful documentation to the Revenue Agency.
For more information of IAN assistance please send your enquiry to the IAN Care Office who will take the due care time to resolve your problem.

Residence permit

The foreign citizen who enters Italy with an entry visa for study reasons must request, within 8 working days of entry, the issue of the residence permit to the Questore of the province of residence or domicile (Article 5, paragraph 2, D . 286 of 25 July 1998, Consolidated Immigration Act and subsequent amendments). The residence permit for study purposes is issued in electronic format and is requested by sending a special postal kit through a post office belonging to the “Sportello Amico di Poste Italiane” network. Following the shipment of the postal kit, the following are issued to the foreign citizen:

• a postal insured who certifies the submission of the application for a residence permit and allows you to consult the status of the case by typing the appropriate codes shown (and corresponding to the user id and pass word) on the site:

• the booking of an appointment at the Immigration Office of the competent Police Headquarters for the delivery of the original documentation (already inserted in photocopy in the envelope of the postal kit) and photodactyloscopic detection (fingerprints).

Does the residence permit for study allow you to work?

The residence permit for study, obtained after regular entry by visa with the same motivation, allows the performance of subordinate work for a time not exceeding 20 hours per week, for 52 weeks, for a maximum limit of 1040 hours in a year (Article 14, paragraph 4, Presidential Decree 394 of 31 August 1999, Implementation Regulation of the Consolidated Law on Immigration and subsequent amendments).

For more information of IAN assistance please send your enquiry to the IAN Care Office who will take the due care time to resolve your problem.

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