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Bank Accounts for non-residents have the characteristic of allowing only basic operations such as salary credit, payments and withdrawals. For these accounts, the bank’s obligation to transparency does not cease: documentation, therefore, provided in language and containing all detailed information regarding interest rates and bank commission charges (if any).

Once the bank proposing the offer has been selected, the bank where the contract is signed will need to provide general information and identity documents certifying the age of majority, as well as an Italian address to which communications can be sent. To open the account you need the appropriate form available at the branch. If you want to open it by correspondence, you will need to provide a reference to the bank plus the signature deposited with a notary or lawyer, photocopies of the passport (if any) and the payment form in euros for opening the account.
Being a special banking product, all banks do not offer the account for residents and even today it is a limited service to some credit institutions. Nonetheless, its demand is growing, so much so that already today the banks offering this type of product are many more than those that operated on the market only a few years ago. 
Among the best banks that offer the possibility of using a current account for non-residents, Fineco stands out as well as Banca Mediolanum. Among the other possibilities we point out UBI Banca, Banca Popolare Etica, Banca di Credito Cooperativo, BNL and ING.
To open a banking account you need:
  • a copy of ID Card or Certificate of Registration in the Registry of Foreigners belonging to the EU;
  • a copy of your Tax code (see more details about Tax Code Here);
  • your mobile number (you can more info about getting a Sim Card on our Services Page).

For more information of IAN assistance please send your enquiry to the IAN Care Office who will take the due care time to resolve your problem.

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