Showcase Manager

Design Professional Area


Course Duration - 1 Years

The Showcase Manager – visual merchandiser designs the exhibition spaces and sets up the shop vitrines and the interior of the shops and malls trying to enhance the products and present them in such a way as to attract the attention of customers. It also deals with the assembly of exhibition and scenographic equipment, identification of products to be exhibited in line with the trends taking place in the market and with the tastes and sensitivity of potential customers, care of equipment and spaces, renewal of the goods on display managing replacements, the introduction of new products, seasonal changes, etc. It carries out its activity autonomously answering in some cases to the merchandiser, in others directly to the store manager and collaborating with the sales staff.

Professional Economic Sector: Wholesale and retail – Design.

Area of Activity: Design – Modelist.


  • Level EQF 3
  • Open for class X
  • Minimum Age 18
  • Duration 1 year (6 moths training + 6 months internship on the job)


Conception and design of exhibition spaces

Exhibition space layout


Italian Language Course is Complimentary

Certification: Campania Regional Office (State Govt.)


Instructional mode: In presence
Level: EQF 3 
Duration: 1 years
Certification: Diploma


Passport / ID card
Copy of high school diploma or equivalent
IELTS 5.0 minimum score certificate or equivalent 
Statement of purpose
Declaration of value

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