Clothing Modeler – Design

Design Professional Area


Course Duration - 1 Years

The clothing pattern maker takes care of translating the design provided by the designer into a sample garment using traditional techniques or innovative technologies and dedicated software that allow him to develop the model. It has the task of preparing the technical documentation for production, developing sizes, and ensuring that the model is reproducible in different materials without losing wearability. The pattern maker follows the realization of the sample garment by carrying out tests of aesthetic and functional evaluation of the garment and obtaining, if necessary, indications for changes and design improvements. He carries out his activity mainly as an employee in the design area of companies of various sizes, from tailoring to industrial, but he can also operate as a self-employed worker, as a freelancer. He relates with the designer, the production manager and with all the main figures involved in the production process of the garment.

Professional Economic Sector: Textile, clothing, footwear and fashion system.

Area of Activity: Construction of models of clothing and household products. Development of sizes of clothing and household products


  • Level EQF 4
  • Open for class XI
  • Minimum Age 18
  • Duration 1 year (6 moths training + 6 months internship on the job)


Feasibility assessment of the stylistic model of the garment

Definition and evaluation of the garment prototype
Construction of the model of the garment
Size development of clothing items

Italian Language Course is Complimentary

Certification: Campania Regional Office (State Govt.)


Instructional mode: In presence
Level: EQF 4 
Duration: 1 years
Certification: Diploma


Passport / ID card
Copy of high school diploma or equivalent
IELTS 5.0 minimum score certificate or equivalent 
Statement of purpose
Declaration of value

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