Radar System Engineer

Engineering and Business Professional Area


Course Duration - 1 Years

The Radar System Engineer is a professional figure in the field of electronics who assists specialists in the design of components, parts and individual electronic devices to be integrated into a complex radar system, and provides for the realization of all the technical and constructive support documentation, in accordance with company procedures and regulations. It collaborates in the integration activities of the system, its verification and validation, identifying malfunction problems among the connected subassemblies and looking for suitable solutions to guarantee their executive effectiveness, compliance with design specifications and safety. In carrying out his duties, he continuously engages with his project manager and colleagues in his work group.

Professional Economic Sector: Mechanics, production and maintenance of machines, plant engineering.

Area of Activity: Electronic design of the assemblies of  a radar system.


  • Level EQF 4
  • Open for class XI
  • Minimum Age 18
  • Duration 1 year (6 moths training + 6 months internship on the job)


Support for integration and connection of subassemblies of electronic radar systems

Support to the realization of internal tests (dry-run) to verify and simulate the functionalities of radar systems

Definition of design specifications for a radar system or individual components

Drawing of layout and interface diagrams of radar systems

Performing functional tests on radar systems

Analysis and evaluation of testing standards for radar systems

Italian Language Course is Complimentary

Certification: Campania Regional Office (State Govt.)


Instructional mode: In presence
Level: EQF 4 
Duration: 1 years
Certification: Diploma


Passport / ID card
Copy of high school diploma or equivalent
IELTS 5.0 minimum score certificate or equivalent 
Statement of purpose
Declaration of value

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