The staff of IAN Academy is divided into Administrative and Faculty Staff. Today our Campus welcomes more than 30 resources including tenured and adjunct professors and 6 administrative staff. We also work with more than 80 country managers around the world and with a portfolio of over 400 business partners. There are no President, no Boss, garments or subordinates, everyone is the holder of their professional assets and makes it available to colleagues and customers.

International Academy of Naples


In the collective imagination we think at the Academia as a place where we learn something, where we to study and gain skills or obtain a Diploma or a Degree… In the last 3 years, all the greatest global companies have realized that for hiring people is not enough to search candidates based on the title they have, but based on what a person really knows how to do and furthermore based on what a person thinks!

OUR Managing Staff

Melina Nurcato
External Affairs and International Partners Care

Graduated in Science of Education
Post-Graduate in Psychology
Author of “Young People and the labor Market” 2014
Elected "Ambassador of Diversity" in Naples
Alessia Magnacca
Alessia Magnacca
Head of Administration

Kazuma Saito
Japan Admissions and Processing

Our World-Class Teaching Experts

Get inspired for your future endeavours from IAN world-class faculty and their impressive breadth and depth of expertise. These extraordinary lecturers who are leading the way, are among the trailblazing companies innovators, entrepreneurs, and high skilled professionals.