Visa info

Students not belonging to the EU territory must apply for a study visa according to the type of course they are going to take.
The following procedures apply exclusively to international students that require an entry visa for Italy for short & long-term stays.

The procedures do not apply:

a) to citizens from European Union Member States, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Swiss Confederation; from the Republic of San Marino and the Holy See, even if holding a foreign qualification; 

b) to foreigners already officially residing in Italy.

1. Visa type C:

Short-stay visa or travel visa valid for one or more entries and for a period not exceeding 90 days.

2. Visa type D:

Long-stay visa valid for more than 90 days.


In order to process admission to study at IAN, candidates should present the enrolment request directly to the IAN Academy Admission Office, according to the modality, terms and the requested documentation, and they accede under the same conditions extended to Italian citizens. Academic qualifications issued by foreign authorities must be accompanied by the documents indicated by the IAN Evaluation Committee, you can check requirements: the student is obliged to produce the documentation that the we deem necessary with a view to evaluating the foreign qualification, with reference to: eventual translations, legalisations, diploma supplements, exam certificates, Italian language certificates, dichiarazioni di valore or other declarations that might serve to check the elements of the foreign qualification.

In order to start the enrolment procedures, the IAN Academy will instruct candidates to their study courses in order to fill in the relative “application” online. Within the same there will be all the information for the completion enrolment application, aimed at facilitating the access of candidates to courses and institution. The subsequent phases will be completed at the relevant diplomatic-consular missions for the purpose of obtaining the relevant visa. The deadlines for the procedures relating to enrolment in the courses, are defined by IAN and published on the website in the admissions section.

Documents to be presented to diplomatic-consular missions

  1. Original copy of last education qualification, obtained after at least 12 scholastic study years, or a fully legal substitute certificate;
  2. Certificate declaring the pass grade of an eventual special academic competence exam eventually required for entry to IAN;
  3. Two photographs (of which one must be authenticated by the Italian mission having jurisdiction for that territory);
  4. Enrolment certificate validated by the IAN;
  5. Proof of Accommodation I.E. Hotel Reservation (Book your accommodation from our partnered Hostels);
  6. Flight Itinerar;
  7. Italian visa application form. Make sure the information you have given in this form complies with the information given in the rest of the required documents for an Italy visa;
  8. Valid passport. Make sure your passport has at least two blank pages in order to affix the visa and is not older than 10 years;
  9. Has a validity of at least three more months beyond the date you plan to leave Italy and the whole territory of Schengen;
  10. Schengen travel visa insurance. Health insurance for the whole territory of Italy and the Schengen Area. Minimal health insurance coverage for the Schengen Zone is €30,000;
  11. Economic means for subsistence during the planned stay. These means are quantified as € 459.83 per month for each month of duration of the academic year, equal to € 5.977,79 per year. The availability in Italy of such means of support must be proven through personal or parental economic guarantees, local government, foreign Institutions or authorities deemed reliable by the Italian diplomatic mission; they cannot be demonstrated through the exhibition of a bank guarantee, or of a guarantee insurance policy, and neither with cash or guarantees supplied by third parties;
  12. The availability of the necessary sum for repatriation, which can also be demonstrated by showing a return ticket;
  13. Checklist

The registration is not subject to the preliminary start of the pre-enrolment procedures at the diplomatic-consular missions, which must, however, be initiated and formalized, as mandated, no later than the deadlines established by the calendar relative to the procedures for courses on a internal basis, unless otherwise modified due to dispositions linked to the COVID-19 emergency.

The documentation provided by Italian diplomatic missions does not affect the evaluation decisions of the institutions as regards the foreign qualifications for enrolment to courses. In this regard, it should be remembered that the request for a Dichiarazione di Valore “does not exclude the right and duty of the IAN Administration to perform its own autonomous evaluation”.

The decision on the issue of a visa for study purposes is the exclusive jurisdiction of the diplomatic/consular mission.

Citizens belonging to countries of the European Union but not in Italy should apply for registration at the registry office of IAN in Largo Sant’Agnello 140, Napoli and to the Municipality Office where they intend to reside in Napoli following the conditions, modality and terms fixed by Legislative Decree n. 30 of 6.

Residence Permit Long Term

Within eight working days of arrival in Italy on a type D “national” visa for STUDY the candidates must forward a request for a residency permit for STUDY to the police headquarters responsible for the city where they intend to establish their residence. The request may be presented to Post Offices, or by taking advantage of the eventual counter established at the IAN, using the appropriate kit available at the said offices. At the moment of presentation of the request for a residency permit, the foreigner will be identified and must effect the payment of the relative costs.
At the time of presentation of the dossier at the post office window, the student will receive an invitation of summons which specifies the date when he must appear at the specific offices of the police headquarters, together with photographs, to undergo the photographic and fingerprinting procedures. In cases where the dossier must be integrated with further documentation, the student will be informed via text message or registered mail.
The Post Office produces a receipt of the delivery of a request for a residency permit which is equivalent to the receipt of the presentation of the dossier produced by the Police Headquarters and which, moreover, functions as a testimonial to the authorized presence in Italy.

Residence Permit Short Term

Students who arrive on a short-term visa perform the previous procedures for residency according to the terms of Law n. 68 of 28/5/2007 following the indications of the Interior Ministry circular of 26.07.2007, called Procedures for presentation of “Declaration of Presence” by foreigners for short-term stays (Modalità di presentazione della Dichiarazione di Presenza resa dagli stranieri per soggiorni di breve durata).


Students, upon enrolment in IAN first year, must request from the Chief of Police (Questore) of Napoli the renewal of the residency permit for the second year, at least sixty days before it expires. When renewal is necessary, the foreign student who entered Italy on a type “D” national visa must demonstrate the possession of the same financial resources required for entry, not inferior to €459,83 per month, equal to €5.977,79 annually, the certificate of registration to the second year and all the conditions already required for the issue of the residency permit.
Residency permits are renewed “ for those students who in the first year of the course have passed a progress review and in the following years at least two reviews”, as determined by the IAN. Furthermore, “for serious health reasons or force majeur, with the relevant documentation, the residency permit may be renewed even for the student who has only passed a single progress review, subject to the total number of renewals. The renewability of residency permits for study purposes is also contemplated for the continuation of studies with the registration for a degree course different from that which the foreign student entered Italy to study, provided the IAN give its approval for such change.


Students or foreign citizens applying for a visa, who intend to attend short programs, one or more single courses (corsi singoli) or internships (stage) in IAN, can register to this [application form], within the deadlines set by our administration, by presenting the documentation requested [please check section requirements].

In the application for enrolment and in an eventual letter of eligibility for enrolment in single courses or, in general, in communications made by the IAN Academy to the diplomatic-consular missions, it will be clearly indicated whether, in the IAN Admission office’s judgment, it is necessary or not to request a Dichiarazione di valore of the certificate attesting the exams passed (transcript). If this requirement is necessary, the “Dichiarazione di valore” will be considered as a necessary requirement for obtaining the visa itself. In the event that the “Dichiarazione di valore” is not requested, the IAN Academy will be able to use further documentation to support their assessments such as certificates from official foreign bodies.
The foreign candidate cannot obtain the renewal of an entry visa in order to further his/her studies by attending another single course, distinct from the one that allowed the student to enter Italy: the renewability of an entry visa for study purposes is allowed for the furtherance of studies through enrolment in a Long term course which is pertinent or consequent to the finished single course. Such pertinence must be certified by the IAN Academy.


Non-European Community foreign citizens residing abroad who are regularly enrolled in courses of Italian language and culture organised by the IAN ACADEMY are eligible for the issue of study visas with validity in line with the length of 6 MONTHS. For the release of the entry visas relative to the aforementioned courses, the general dispositions of the Schengen legislation and the national law regarding immigration are applied, in particular as concerns the evaluation of migratory risk. IAN Academy requires Graduation Certificate in Literature or Humanistic Subjects and a proof of the reason why the students are applying for the program.


Based on the principles established by Art. 6, comma 1 of Ministerial Decree 270/2004 for the university sector and by Art. 7, comma 2 of Presidential Decree 212/2005 for the AFAM sector, IAN students can apply for foundation educational activities for access to main courses, proposing foundation courses (corsi propedeutici), even for less than one year, to integrate the requisites for admission requested for enrolment. At the end of such courses an appropriate certificate can be released related to the Foundation Course followed.
As regards enrolment to said courses, the same procedures are applied as for enrolment in Master. The IAN Academy shall communicate to the respective diplomatic-consular missions all information regarding the length and the nature of the course in question.


For enrolment in Post-Diploma (O-Level Holders) professional courses organised by IAN Academy by visa applicants, the same procedures as for enrolment in long term courses apply, candidates present the application for participation in a Post Diploma Technical Specialisation course directly to this administration office following the procedures and within the established deadlines of the intakes.

At the time of enrolment, candidates present their qualifications, duly accompanied by the following documents:
a) Original (or certified copy) of final secondary school diploma awarded after at least 12 years of schooling, or a replacement certificate valid for all legal purposes; the final qualification can be accompanied, alternatively and at the discretion of the institution, by certificates of official foreign bodies or by a “Dichiarazione di valore”;
b) Statement certifying that the academic eligibility test in a related subject of the applied professional course required for access to the local institutions in the country of origin has been passed; 
c) Eventual Italian translations of the documents (China, Vietnam, Japan);
d) Eventual supplementary documentation requested by our Institution, including pertinent documentation to verify the authenticity of the foreign qualification.

Following confirmation of acceptance by our Admission Office, candidates request the mission to issue an entry visa for study purposes, with validity related to the duration of the course. The diplomatic-consular missions issue the relative visa, taking into account the frequently short time-frames before the start of these courses.

The IAN Academy communicate the student’s acceptance to the relevant missions. For these courses, as well, the evaluation of qualifications for admission is the exclusive competence of IAN Academy. In the Letter of eligibility for enrolment or, in general, in the communications made by the Institute to the diplomatic-consular mission, it will be clearly indicated whether, in the opinion of the Institute, it is necessary or not to request a “Dichiarazione di valore”. If this requirement is necessary, the “Dichiarazione di valore” will be considered as a necessary requirement for obtaining the visa itself. In the event that the “Dichiarazione di valore” is not requested, the Institutes will be able to use further documentation to support their assessments such as certificates from official foreign bodies.

The IAN Academy will communicate to the respective diplomatic-consular Missions all information relating to the duration and nature of the course in question.

Italian Proficiency requirement is well appreciated by the IAN Academy for the good assessment.

Timeline for Visa Application