Fees Chart

When to Submit:

Applicants should submit necessary documents well in advance of commencing date of chosen course. It should be at least 20 days before.

How to submit:

Applicant must fill in necessary application forms, make ready attached documents as per list provided and submit at authorized Agent service counter or send via electronic means.

Who may submit:

1) Applicants
2) A staff member of organization that accepts the foreign, national or proxy decided by the criteria of
eligibility and regulation board.

The following persons may complete the application procedure (submit the application form, etc.) in lieu of
the applicant. 

  1. The legal representative of the applicant
  2. A member of interest corporation whom the director of the IAN Academy deems to be appropriate (in cases pursuant to a request from the applicant or the representative of the applicant). 
  3. An attorney or administrative scrivener who has signed the IAN Agreement, to which he or she belongs, previous allowance to the director of IAN Academy or any other IAN membera which has interest over the area where such association or administrative scriveners’ association is located (in cases pursuant to a request from the applicant or the legal representative of the applicant).