Master in Business Administration
with specialisation in General Management or Hospitality Management


Course Duration - 1 Year

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) enhances participants to become competent managers in a range of organization operating within international settings. This MBA is a comprehensive management program that addresses the talent and development needs of global professionals. It is designed to provide students with the tools necessary to innovate, lead the change, motivate teams and enhance the management skills of leaders across a range of industries and leadership sectors. Students can choose between two kind of specialization: General Management or Hospitality Management.



Financial Management and Control

This module is established to critically assess, to evaluate internal and external financial information and to use this knowledge to appraise corporate performance and strategy. In this module, the students are engaging in a number of facets, evaluating the role of maximizing value in corporate objectives.


This module discusses the theory and practice of accounting management in relation to organisational decision making, strategy, allocation of resources and understanding financial governance. It also discusses the strategic accounting management and the use of accounting to shape external environment.

Leadership and Communication

This module aims t0 increase understanding of how to become a more effective, capable and successful leader. This module is established to support students through the course and also help with their development, both academically and professionally. This module allows students to develop the capacities, insights and skills needed to create and maintain a responsible and sustainable leadership, and communication practices. 

Operations Management 

This module is designed to develop a wider understanding of Operations Management through the comprehension of the principles key and concepts. The students learn this while developing a critical understanding of how these principles associate with Operation Management theory and practice, which can be used to influence strategic decision making.This module will improve students' ability to evaluate and utilise theory and focus strategically on the utilisation of the tools in a range of operations environment. 


The aim of this module is to develop students' critical thinking in the field of marketing, and its continuous impact and relevance in the business world. This module will furthermore foster an improvement of critical awareness of marketing purpose and key contemporary marketing topics. This module will develop knolewdge of the role internal and external factors play when it comes to marketing decision making. 

International Business Environment

This module discusses the key international business theories and concepts. It analyses the strategic role played by transnational firm (TNCS) as the primary movers and influencers of the global economic, the role of international organisations and regional trading blocks in shaping international business. 

Economics for Managers 

This module focuses on the analysis of business organisations from an economic perspective. This unit educates students on how managers and organisations work to make critical decisions. It also addressed various economic approaches to the management of organisations. This unit will furthermore provide a coherent vision of managerial economics and various analytic techniques in business. 

Competition and Corporate Strategy 

This module will provide the students with techniques and skills needed to understand the competitive structure of a company. In this course, they will analyse different strategic decision including: pricing, technology and diversification. It also helps students define their business long-term strategic objectives, giving the knowledge and initiatives needed to transform them into an execution roadmap. 

Start up setting and Franchising

This module allows students to carry out their independent research on the topic and apply their general business knowledge and techniques. 

Hospitality Management 

(For students applying for MBA with specialisation in Hospitality Management only): 

The aim of this module is to provide students with targeted know-how in order to operate in the field of hospitality management. 

The student acquires, in fact, analysis methodologies and tools for the management of companies in the hospitality industry, which are characterised by a highly dynamic, global and multicultural context. 


Instructional mode: In presence
Level: EQF 7
Duration: 1 year 
ECTS: 60
Certification: Master


Passport/ID Card
Copy of Bachelor Degree or equivalent
IELTS 5.0 minimum score certificate or equivalent
Statement of purposes
Declaration of value

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