Master in Financial Strategies


The financial strategy is both the ability to rely on legal and technical knowledge and the ability to evaluate and anticipate the evolution of a structure. The current economic environment forces companies to analyze and anticipate changes in their markets to guarantee their development and sustainability. Organizations need expert profiles.

Organizations or companies must rely on people capable of developing financial management, monitoring taxation, or managing risks. The Master in Management and Financial Strategies opens the doors to a market full of perspectives, diversity of contexts in which to evolve.

The implementation of an analysis of the environments relating to asset management or a financial analysis, will legitimize your achievements and the expertise resulting from your 2 years of training. Thus, you will be even more armed for your entrance into working life.


  • Understand economic structures
  • Know the main markets coordinating economic activity and their interactions
  • Use financial information data
  • Know the nature, evolution of business ethics and the link with morals, deontology and the law
  • Apply and interpret analytical techniques in the decision-making process
  • Master short- and long-term financial strategies
  • Know how to measure the return and risks associated with each type of investment
  • Have good knowledge of bond management
  • Master the main techniques and models of valuation of the company


Holding a European Master’s degree from IAN Academy means benefiting from new opportunities and an international professional network. The training provides fundamental courses aimed at consolidating the basic concepts in finance, as well as a set of specialization courses. Changes in the economic context, the globalization of trade and the interconnection of markets have accentuated the importance of the financial function within the company.

The main objective of the courses offered in the European Master in Management and Financial Strategies is to enable students to better understand all the areas covered by management and finance.

Two specialty modules are offered to students who will be able to specialize during the second year of the European Master’s degree:

  • Specialty “International Corporate Finance”
  • Specialty “Corporate Finance and Strategic Directions”

Depending on the specialty chosen, the program is aimed at those who work or plan to work in:

  • credit institutions, insurance undertakings
  • investment management and value analysis
  • financial markets, trade and risk management
  • organizational finance function
  • corporate finance, venture capital, etc…
  • business planning and consulting
  • strategic management in the financial field
  • risk management, group management
  • companies whose securities are admitted to a regulated market
  • prevention and management of business difficulties


Year 1

  • Basic fundamental analysis (120 to 150 hours)
  • Short- and long-term financial management and strategies (120 to 150 hours)
  • Internship or tutored project
  • Continuous assessment
  • Modern European Language up to B2 level (written)
  • Business, competition and Europe

Year 2

  • Financial engineering and risk management (120 to 150 hours)
  • Specialty International Corporate Finance (120 to 150 hours)
  • Specialty Corporate Finance and Strategic Directions (120 to 150 hours)
  • Professional Thesis
  • Continuous Assessment
  • Modern European Language up to B2 level (oral)